Using Customer Relationship Management and Onboarding Solutions to Improve the Customer Experience?

Customer Relationship Management and automated Onboarding solutions are key technologies that can be used to enhance the client relationship and make life easier for advisors. This whitepaper explores the differences and benefits of each technology, explains how and when to use each, and demonstrates how the two can work together for the benefit of end investors.


Getting the Most Out of Process Automation Projects: How to Ensure the Return Outweighs the Investment

The business process automation landscape is littered with failed projects, runaway costs and unmet expectations. This whitepaper will help you understand more about the complexities and challenges associated with process automation projects and will help you determine when and how to pursue automation initiatives, offering the highest returns on your investment.


Mobile Support & Electronic Signatures: Using Emerging Technologies to Enhance the Advisor-Client Relationship

Advancing technologies have increased the expectations of investors and their advisors. This whitepaper explores the benefits of two critical emerging technologies in the financial services sector: mobile support and electronic signatures.