At IFS, we believe that solid technology begins with a great user interface. With that in mind, the IFS Automation Platform provides a practical, proven solution for business process automation that is economical, agile and designed for those closest to the business processes. Highly configurable and flexible, the IFS Automation Platform is a 100% web-based solution that offers configurable integrated components that support a wide array of business and technology needs. With the IFS Automation Platform, you can save time and money by creating and deploying process automation applications faster, more economically and with less reliance on valuable IT staff. In heavily-regulated and dynamic environments, business leaders can trust that complex processes are completed as efficiently as possible, are in compliance with regulations and utilize an up-to-date technology platform.


Tecnology Break

Key Features

  • Page Engine – The dynamic nature of the application allows fields and pages to be added to the applications without database and technical resources involvement, allowing rapid development and deployment as the requirements change.
  • Document Generation – Ability to dynamically generate documents using Word/PDF templates and to scan/upload documents into the platform. Includes the ability to migrate documents and relevant metadata to customer’s imaging and archive platform for long-term storage and retention
  • Document Tracking – Accurate, secure tracking and status monitoring of documents with capability for print/sign or electronic signature via DocuSign, SIGNiX and other e-signature platforms
  • Dashboards & Reporting – Easy-to-read dashboards provide visibility and transparency of all of the relevant requests to everyone involved in the transaction, which creates higher client and advisor satisfaction and reduces the overhead of “status checking”. Reports are available to monitor and measure productivity and performance
  • Notifications – Communicate alerts and notifications via email or proprietary user portals
  • Rules Engine – Powerful, fully-featured rules engine, designed to be used by business analyst, provides the ability to dynamically set business-related instructions, constraints or options that trigger activities to be performed, and set conditions for workflow
  • External Connectors – Pre-built and custom adaptors allow for integration with other systems such as CRMs, record keeping systems, etc. to facilitate straight-through-processing
  • BPMN/XPDL Workflow Engine – Automates routing of tasks with dynamic approvals
  • IFS Web Service Engine– Allows other systems to access the same business logic, workflow and integration that web site users enjoy
  • Authentication – Ability to configure security settings and ensure appropriate controls for individual users with highly granular roles, privileges and delegation capabilities
  • Development Environment – Provides business analysts with the ability to customize applications using the IFS platform editors


  • Empowers business analysts and subject matter experts to build and maintain powerful applications in a point-and-click low-code platform
  • Increases transparency and accountability with complete and detailed audit tracking
  • Enhances visibility of transaction status
  • Modern, cutting-edge, responsive interface provides ease-of-use, a great user experience and higher adoption
  • Secure, streamlined document handling with electronic signature capabilities
  • Streamlined processing of requests and increased operational efficiency via prioritized work queues
  • Dynamic document generation improves operational efficiency by ensuring accuracy of information and compliance with company regulations
  • Enforces firm-specific policies and procedures
  • Strong integration capabilities with internal systems and external third parties breaks down data barriers and provides a breadth of information, eliminating the need to rekey information
  • Open integration/web service layer makes our platform accessible to other systems, enabling easy integration
  • Web-based access to all business logic for business analysts