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What Our Clients Say

“In many respects the viability and effectiveness of our CRM hinges on the ability to fully integrate with our brokerage account servicing solution. IFS integration capabilities, such as SSO, open data architecture, deep linking, two-way client data updating and customizable user interface, allow us to present the IFS application as a component within our CRM.  Our Advisors can initiate and manage brokerage transactions from the CRM and often don’t know where one application ends and the other begins.  As we continue to add more integrated brokerage transactions into the CRM, our Advisors will be more effective and productive, which is the promise we envisioned for our CRM.”

“Many advisors expressed satisfaction with their experience on the new asset movement system, noting efficiencies gained and appreciation for seeing their feedback incorporated into this solution. They are excited to have expanded capabilities and were highly engaged in today’s checkpoint call.”

“Advisors are absolutely loving the IFS solution and the ability for their feedback to shape the tool. This is awesome news for all of us!”

“Great to see the partnerships from across the firm and the fantastic benefits our clients and employees will reap from this work.”

"While any change takes some getting used to, our office is really pleased with the new asset movement tool thus far! We really like the ability to check in on the status of each request, compared to the old cash and journal request just going into orbit in outer space."

“I like it! Thank you for making our operations life easier!”

“This tool is going to make things so much better for operations staff, our customers and our entire organization.”

“IFS proved to be the responsive, knowledgeable partner we needed to make this project successful. All concerns we may have had with solving the challenges our department faced were put at ease throughout the project. The IFS technology and team expertise delivered the flexibility and speed we demanded.”

“IFS’s specialized business-driven BPA platform jumpstarted the objective of becoming a more agile, lean organization…one with the transparency to measure and improve performance.”