Solution Delivery

The IFS Solution Delivery Team is comprised of technology, operations and process improvement professionals with first-hand industry knowledge—those in jobs like yours and responsible for process automation solutions at organizations like yours, prior to joining IFS. We bring the experience, approach and guidance that will empower your organization to make confident decisions and increase productivity. IFS clients soon realize the benefits of working with a team who does not require training in your industry. Some of these benefits include:


Reduce design and deployment risk, knowing that you’re partnering with a team who has done it before with organizations just like yours. We know that process automation can be expensive, time-consuming and error-prone, but with IFS, it doesn’t have to be.


Clear, consistent communication is the foundation of success. With our iterative approach and frequent design discussions, you’ll always know where your project stands and have the opportunity to ask questions, address concerns, collaborate, and ultimately, put your hands on the solution.


You won’t have to spend valuable time teaching us your business because we already speak your language and understand your needs. You can also take advantage of our many pre-built solution templates for common tasks, eliminating the need to start from scratch and enabling a quicker implementation timeframe.

Return on Investment

Gain increased productivity with ease, leading to a measurable, quicker return on investment. IFS has solution delivery methodologies designed to maximize your budget, resources and value gained from IFS solutions.


We pride ourselves on being nimble and adapting quickly to meet your dynamic needs. Depending on the project size and the resources available, IFS offers multiple solution deployment approaches, ranging from joint implementation teams to customer-led initiatives.