Remembering Mike Roberts

In June 2015, Mike Roberts, IFS’s Managing Director of Financial Services Solutions, passed away after a long battle with leukemia. Mike’s hard work, unshakable optimism and incredible perseverance was demonstrated both through his commitment to IFS and his courageous fight with leukemia. Mike’s deep industry knowledge, unique relationship management skills and business savvy helped propel IFS as the leading provider of brokerage operations automation software and services.

Mike brought more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry to IFS. His storied career in the industry included roles such as the Director of Process Improvement and Chief Administrative Officer for Wachovia Securities and Director of Relationship Management for First Clearing. Because of his unique blend of experience in relationship management, brokerage operations and process improvement, Mike brought a consultative style to the IFS sales cycle. Mike was committed to understanding the client’s unique challenges and developing the best solutions to address their needs.

This page is in memory of Mike, his contributions to the success of IFS clients, and his love of the company and its associates.  He will be fondly remembered by colleagues and clients alike. We are all grateful we had the opportunity to work with Mike Roberts.