IFS offers the only complete onboarding solution for the securities and wealth management industries. Whether your firm is looking for a solution to onboard new financial advisors with multiple accounts or streamlined capabilities to open new retail, institutional or managed accounts, IFS can help you simplify and automate the process. Onboarding is a unique function that requires coordination and alignment across many departments including front office staff, advisors, administration, operations, finance and marketing. With so many stakeholders in the process, it’s important to have a solution you can trust. IFS’s Onboarding Solutions have been used for over 12 years by some of the world’s largest brokerage and wealth firms.

With IFS’s Onboarding Solutions, your firm can transform the tedious process of onboarding into a highly efficient and competitive advantage. By offering the most streamlined, cutting-edge tools for onboarding, you’ll attract both talented advisors and high-value investors.


Automate new account opening and streamline the customer experience from initial contact to account funding.


Empower advisors to begin serving their clients faster by making the complex process of advisor onboarding more efficient.


Save time by automating the process of onboarding clients with multiple accounts when they switch firms.