New Account Opening

A faster, more efficient New Account Opening (NAO) process equates to improved client experience and a better bottom line. IFS’s NAO Solution automates account opening and streamlines the client experience from initial contact and set-up to account funding on the relevant systems of record. By opening and funding accounts more efficiently, advisors can focus on what really matters: helping their clients earn returns on their investments suitable to their investment objectives.

IFS offers the most mature, comprehensive NAO solution in the market for a large variety of account types such as Retail Accounts, Managed Accounts and Institutional Accounts. As a result firms enjoy lower implementation costs and shorter implementation timelines. Our NAO Solution is easily customized to meet your firm’s specific policies and procedures and easily integrates with your host systems, including CRMs, record-keeping systems, imaging platforms and more.

Key Features

  • Supports over 50 registration types including basic accounts such as Individual, Entity and IRA, as well as more complex account types like Trust, Complex Entity/Corporation and Shell accounts
  • Ability to track and monitor document status and receipt
  • Validation of all appropriate account details via integrated business rules engine
  • Real-time US Postal Service CASS-certified address hygiene and correction capabilities
  • SEC, FINRA and Patriot Act support, including real-time identity checks and scores
  • Generates professional client agreements, disclosure packages and all other necessary forms ready for eSignature or local/central print
  • Integrates fully with CRMs, custodians, record-keeping systems, other internal systems and more
  • Captures key metrics for volume and processing time by associate, function or department
  • Simple web-based entry on any device type and any browser, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers
  • Ability to track, manage and report on SLA adherence
  • Electronic work queues, routing and approvals with full transactional visibility to the front and back office
  • Allows for setup of ACATs and Periodic Distributions as part of the account opening process, including document generation and OFAC checking as required


  • Eliminates rekeying of data by offering the ability to enter key information once and copy it to other accounts in the household where applicable (even those opened on the same day)
  • Improves client satisfaction and retention by offering a smooth, modern onboarding process
  • End-to-end transactional visibility greatly reduces status calls from the front office to the back office
  • Supports Joint account opening processes with end investors
  • Orchestrates complex, parallel processes across many people, systems, devices and service delivery channels
  • Reduces costs and dramatically improves cycle times for front and back office processing
  • Improves operational efficiency and team adoption with simple, intuitive interfaces, requiring little to no training
  • Provides the ability to quickly react to rapidly-changing regulations and business requirements
  • Reduces NIGO rates because data is clean and verified upon entry
  • Ensures compliance with government regulations such as KYC and AML