IFS knows brokerage. We have helped brokerage industry leaders solve complex and demanding business process automation challenges for more than a decade. IFS empowers firms to operate more efficiently while improving internal controls, compliance and transaction supervision. To support growth and control costs, brokerage firms are looking towards automation to make brokerage operations both customer-centric and cost-efficient, while supporting the quickly emerging needs of the millennial investor.

Solutions for Brokerage

IFS offers a number of solutions for brokerage firms, all built by expert teams inside the industry. Learn more about how IFS can help you achieve your automation and efficiency goals with our mature solutions, which contain over a decade of best practices and are specifically designed for the brokerage industry:


Open and fund new Retail, Institutional and Managed accounts easily and start trading quicker.

Asset Movement

Help facilitate asset movement with decreased cycle times, increased accuracy and improved controls.

Account Maintenance

Quickly and easily make changes to existing accounts.

Managed Accounts

Efficiently convert commission-based accounts to fee-based advisory accounts.

IFS's Solutions for Brokerage Help Firms:

  • Reduce Not-In-Good-Order (NIGO) rates
  • Attract top-notch talent by offering the most modern and easy-to-use tools for brokers and their teams
  • Offer straight-through-processing via custodian APIs (Pershing, FIS, NFS and more)
  • Comply with evolving federal regulations and provide proof of compliance
  • Delight customers by making it easy to do business with you, regardless of when, where and how they want to engage with your firm
  • Gain end-to-end transactional visibility of service requests
  • Establish mobile-first initiatives by supporting mobile-friendly applications