Account Maintenance

IFS’s Account Maintenance Solution allows financial advisors, sales assistants and other operations professionals to manage accounts with ease. Traditionally tedious administrative functions like changing addresses on multiple accounts in a household, updating basic account information across households, or adding associated persons to accounts, can be done quickly and efficiently with IFS’s Account Maintenance Solution. And best of all? Because advisors and their assistants can handle these requests faster, they can focus more of their efforts on serving clients and revenue-generating activities.

Key Features

  • Update basic account information and demographics once and populate across a household
  • Maintain household statement linking as accounts are added or removed
  • Notice of death
  • Ability to change an address or add alternative addresses with real-time US Postal Service verification
  • Maintain check orders
  • Update email addresses across accounts for individuals, even if they do not have the same role or are not the primary owner on the account
  • Add and maintain additional parties to an account, such as POAs, accountants and others that receive duplicate statements and confirms
  • Debit card requests
  • Ability to close accounts


  • Customizable – Firms can add account maintenance service requests that may be unique to their organization’s policies and procedures and specific client needs
  • Increases visibility – Firms, advisors and investors can audit and track account maintenance service requests
  • Changes can be made across accounts in a household, eliminating the need for multiple transactions for the same change
  • Document generation and integration – Customers can automatically receive necessary paperwork or electronic notifications verifying account changes
  • Improves the user experience
  • Ensures compliance and reduces risk for account maintenance even as regulations change
  • Allows for integration with client-facing portals to allow client self-servicing, which reduces costs, while still enforcing business rules consistently
  • Provides complete auditability and tracking of all changes if client authorization or traceability is required