9/1/16 IFS Announces Bi-Directional Integration with CRMs to Help Advisors Better Serve Clients

Davidson, North Carolina — September 1, 2016 —Impact Financial Systems (IFS), the leading provider of business process automation solutions for the brokerage, banking and insurance industries, announced today new integration capabilities that allow firms to integrate IFS solutions with their CRMs. By implementing this bi-directional integration, firms can feed information from their IFS solution to their CRM, or vice versa, resulting in streamlined processes, increased data accuracy and better client experiences.

IFS’s process automation solutions for onboarding, asset movement, account maintenance and other processes can now be directly integrated with a firm’s CRM. By integrating the solutions that automate these critical business processes with their CRM, firms can receive the maximum value of each individual solution, thereby reducing the need to rekey data across disparate systems.

“In many respects, the viability and effectiveness of our CRM hinges on the ability to fully integrate with our IFS solution. IFS integration capabilities, such as SSO, open data architecture, deep linking, two-way client data updating, and customizable user interface, allow us to present the IFS solution as a component within our CRM,” explained one IFS client.

Ray Mulligan, IFS’s Managing Director, Product Strategy, elaborates, “CRMs and enterprise process automation solutions are two of the most common and effective technologies firms employ to enhance operational efficiency and client experiences. Even though they each serve unique functions, the power of both technologies can be multiplied when the two are integrated. The integration that we’ve developed is truly focused around simplifying processes for advisors and customers.”

The integration leverages the flexibility of the IFS Automation Platform and enables firms to integrate their IFS solution with any CRM with an open API, including Redtail, Salesforce.com, Orion Oranj, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

To learn more about IFS’s new CRM integration capabilities, visit http://info.ifsautomation.com/ifs-crm-capabilities.

About IFS

IFS is the leading provider of automation solutions for Client Onboarding and Asset Movement. The company’s service request automation solutions are deployed at some of the world’s largest brokerage, wealth, banking and insurance companies. IFS’s solutions are powered by the IFS Automation Platform, enabling rapid creation, customization and deployment of automated service request solutions for any service delivery channel. For more information, please visit us at www.ifsautomation.com or call 704.894.9331.