Client Onboarding

More than ever before, today’s financial services firms are focused on attracting investors through modern operations, advanced technology and premiere services and offerings. As investors switch firms, organizations must be prepared to onboard clients across the investor’s household. IFS’s Client Onboarding Solution greatly simplifies the complex process of onboarding clients with multiple accounts.

Key Features

  • Supports over 50 account types including basic account types such as Individual, Entity and IRA, as well as more complex account types like Trust, Shell and Complex Entity/Corporation accounts
  • Supports customized Managed Account offerings
  • Integration with leading electronic signature vendors
  • Easily see all the accounts and their information for a given household/client in an appealing dashboard format
  • Identification, population and generation of all client forms
  • Captures key metrics for volume and processing time
  • Electronic work queues, routing and approvals
  • Identity validation and KYC management
  • Generates professional client agreements and disclosure packages ready for eSignature or local/central print
  • Ability to key information about each person once and apply it to all accounts


  • Enables you to onboard accounts faster by eliminating the need to rekey data across all accounts within a household
  • Orchestrates a complex process across many people, systems, devices and service delivery channels
  • Improves client satisfaction by offering a smooth, modern onboarding process
  • Improves operational efficiency and team adoption with simple, intuitive interface
  • Reduces costs and improves cycle times for front and back office processing
  • Ensures compliance with government regulations such as FINRA, SEC and the Patriot Act